Sunday, 15 February 2015

Getting ready for spring - gardening jobs for February

Photo from Wikipedia

Snowdrops have been joined by crocuses and primroses in many gardens. Daffodils are going to follow pretty soon here in Cambridge. At the Empty Common Community Garden, volunteers have prepared the space where the polytunnel will be located. We will publish a picture as soon as it's up!

If you have a gardening diary, you will find that February can be a busy month. Many gardeners will be buying seeds and plants. If you came to the Seedy Sunday, you will have a big batch of seeds and be ready for action! 

You can start mowing a lawn if the weather is mild and dry or prepare the ground for a new lawn. It's also a good month to:
  • plant bare-root trees/shrubs such as roses
  • move deciduous woody plants
  • cut down dogwood to get lovely red stems next winter. 
If you have a greenhouse or warm windowsill, you can start planting seeds, if you have not already! Hope you had a Happy Valentine's day. I always enjoy getting a plant rather than cut flowers.

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