Sunday, 3 May 2015

Welcome to the Merry Month of May

Happy May Sunday!

Right now it is raining cats and dogs here in Cambridge, which is bad if you planned a barbecue for the Bank Holiday Weekend but good news for the garden. A volunteer prepared a lovely portrait/update of the Community Garden, which also appeals for more volunteers. We have a trusty core group already but it's a big space and kid friendly too, so join us to share some exciting times now the weather is improving (not today particularly but it's getting warmer). Please click on the image below to enlarge it.

Did you know that yesterday was the first World Naked Garden Day? The movement has a website too, click here. As we gather on Sundays, we have missed this opportunity to be 'au naturel'. Still it's not something we'd recommend in a wild garden, aside being illegal and offending somebody's sensitivity (the garden is overlooked by a busy cycling/walking path) there are hazards to it: think nettles, thorny branches and biting ants (yes, we have some in Cambridge).

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