Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Summer is here but it's a mixed bag!

Getting a bed ready!
We are having a stop and go summer, the sun is warm but it's raining now and then. Still it's not as bad as in other counties, which have been flooded! Here is a pictorial update about the garden. I have a big backlog of photos, so watch this space! Thanks to all volunteers for sending these pics.

Strawberry beds - late April 2016
Grassy square - late April 2016
Outdoor beds - late April 2016

Central Circle - late April 2016

Enjoying the garden - late April 2016
Hazel copse and hugelkultur - late April 2016

Two poems/riddles by Michela, 9, who was inspired by the Garden... Leave your answer in the comments - solutions will be posted next time!

What am I?
I begin with w
I end with d
I am a flower with no pollen
I get no love from thee
I get no visits from bees
I come from all of the continents around the sea
What am I?

What am I?
I come to visit the flowers

That belong to thee
I don't come from the desert, nor the sea
I come from different varieties
I am more beautiful than faries
I don't end with an e
What am I?
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Polytunnel - late April 2016

A new bed - May 2016

Glorious May blooms

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