Saturday, 10 September 2016

Last of the summer grapevine

It is still summer and the temperature is still good. Today it might be raining but we are having nice weather and the watering rota is still en force.

Volunteers have been busy in all sort of ways and I have lots of photos to share with you... the backlog is quite big too so we will have a now and then post until the pictorial cupboard is bare. Thank you for all the contributions, we have come a long way since this blog started and Charlotte and I had to come up with ideas to fill the space!

Have also managed to put the logo up and the one of our partner for many happy events, Transition Cambridge.

Here are some beautiful snapshots of flowers and foliage adorning the garden; even annoying weeds can be pretty...

Then... May 2016

'Really busy day yesterday with 18 people, several new. Lots got done so that was brilliant. I stayed behind just to have a quiet time in the garden as it was just so beautiful with the phacelia and rocket and hawthorn in flower... all the young plants growing away.... It was lovely to find others coming to do just the same.' Charlotte

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