Saturday, 22 November 2014

Our shed is a very fine shed

Our new shed is up. This is the heaviest and most secure shed we’ve ever seen. It reminds us of the mysterious black monoliths in 2001: A Space Odissey, which were linked to man's evolution, so a very apt image for our developing garden. There is no mystery here, though, if you join us, you can step inside and see for yourself.

The shed came from far away. On the wettest morning of the year we dragged the heavy black panels down a back alley to a hired van. Half way through we wondered if we would have the strength to finish the task. At that point Peter announced that he would be 77 the following week! Would he make it?

The man who sold it to us was full of advice but didn't think of offering us a cup of tea. At one point we were exhausted and standing there like drowned rats contemplating, "How do we find the strength to get the last, and heaviest, piece in the van?" As in a fairy tale, a young Rumanian came past and offered to lift it in for us. What a relief, what a lovely young man.

Another morning of work (and banter) and the shed now stands in its new home in our garden. Our shed is indeed a Very Fine Shed!

PS We now have a web page on Transition website, click here to see it.

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