Monday, 27 January 2020

Where is Empty Common?

Empty Common shared a table with Transition Cambridge yesterday at Seedy Sunday. We gave away slips with the blog address, but I got an email from someone who could not understand where the garden was.... I  will share here the link to the very first post, back in 2014:

This is what happens if you google it from Cambridge. We hope to see you there... feel free to visit us on a Sunday, 10.30am to 12pm.

Saturday, 4 January 2020

Happy New Year! We have a virtual map, forum and wiki!


If you would like to make community gardening your 2020 resolution, why not join our forum? Simon set it up to discuss issues, ask questions, etc... You can find it here:

We also have a wiki space at and an interactive map at (you can access it from the wiki too).

Hope to see you physically or virtually in 2020.

Saturday, 30 November 2019

Year review... our 2018-2019 growing seasons

Charlotte prepared this review: here are the four seasons of the Empty Common Community Garden. If you click on the season photo, you get a larger one popping up so you can read the captions. Have a Merry Xmas. 

A big thank you to all volunteers, the Council, those who donated gardening items and provided funds... if you can help us raise money for our meeting hut - or know of grants that can help us - please get in touch [ - tel. 07752 143683].

Thank you to Sandie at the Botanic Garden for creating a network of growers this year - we had quite a nice meeting yesterday (If you are a member of the garden, please let Charlotte know if you want to attend the next one in March!). Last but not least, thank you to Transition for being our trusty partner - and providing manpower!

P.S. You can watch the film from our right panel...

Saturday, 19 October 2019

October is all about volunteers!

Great progress was made in our Community Garden's hut project on 17 October thanks to this valiant group from AstraZeneca.

The volunteers cleared the space and dug out the foundation area to allow hardcore to be positioned ready for the start of the build. They even found time to assist with bramble clearance and general weeding.

Many thanks from all of us at Empty Common Community Garden and we look forward to seeing you enjoy the garden over the coming months as you move into Eastbrook.

We received these wonderful photos showing great energy and commitment. Thank you very much again for your contribution!

Getting to grip with the old building site

Digging the foundations for the hut

More digging!

Tackling weeds
Taming the wilderness...

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Welcome to September... let the harvest commence

A busy Sunday of harvesting. Some of the beans were so high we needed Tiago to put Rachel on his shoulders to get to them. Tomatoes are looking great this year, no blight as yet - a problem in past years.

We also harvested stones and some strange-looking veggies. The pink fir potatoes below are more like underwater growths, while the surprise cucumbers look old and scraggy, but they might keep well with that thick, hard and crackled skin.

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Our RHS award & our very own film for you to enjoy...

Our RHS award - Thriving!

We have been busy at the garden, watering, weeding, sowing, harvesting and dealing with our hut project. Our hard work was recognised by the Royal Society of Horticulture (RHS) and we finally received our certificate, which got laminated and is hanging inside our black metal shed. 

Another exciting bit of news is that the movie my Michelle Golder, talking about the garden is now publicly available here: We had a filming party over a year ago and this is the fruit. Enjoy! The film also tells you more about our coordinator, Charlotte and why she is so passionate about permaculture and the environment - it runs in her genes....

Charlotte and filmmaker Michelle Golder (screenshot from the film)
We do love a party and we were happy to share our garden with our partner Transition Cambridge in late July. The party had a life of its own and it continued among ourselves well past the appointed time, until 10.30pm! There was food, there were people (50!), there was singing by the fire. Here are pictures of the party during day hours.... We also participated to the Vegetable Festival, in our own way... see at the brilliant veggie creatures below...

The creatures... doesn't the snake look like a Monster Inc's villain?

More party pics...

Friday, 28 June 2019

Summer is here!

A satellite image of where we are... off Trumpington Road

While temperatures soar abroad, it is overall quite moderate and sunny here in Cambridge. We do have a watering rota but the outside beds don't need as much attention this year, it was incredibly dry last summer, so dry the grass turned yellow and looked like straw. And talking of water... here's a picture of our water closet!

Our compost toilet

Toilet's door with
protective eye
We have been busy with planting out seedlings as the polytunnel was getting crowded. We have enjoyed crispy pak choi and lettuce from the polytunnel and some tasty chard growing by the pond.

The watering volunteers are focusing on keeping young plants hydrated, some are a bit tricky because they are under bottles or cloches. The trampoline bed has runner beans and tomatoes this year. There's rocket, coriander and mixed leaves in the raised beds - great for summer salads. Charlotte advised us that a good soak aimed at ground level is better than sprinkling water over the plants and bed, especially in the heat of the day. 

We have exciting news, there is a new growing group, coordinated by the University's Botanic Garden. As the logo says, it's the Cambridge Community Growing Group. We attended the second meeting in May and made some exciting plans alongside the other community gardens. We hope this alliance will bring us all benefits and more volunteers....