Saturday, 8 November 2014

Keeping the faith and vision going: Bahá'ís interfaith day

The Cambridgeshire Bahá'ís were excited to contribute towards the Empty Common Community Garden's project when this initiative was first getting off the ground. Building unity and embracing diversity lie at the core of the Bahá'í Faith's principles, so of course, the Bahá'ís supported the notion of a community-oriented garden that aimed to bring neighbours together to share in a bountiful harvest.  

It was a lot of fun to meet with the garden's representatives to help clear the rubbish that was left behind in this abandoned site and to then set up a Hugelkultur bed and plant trees in preparation for the summer growing season. The following autumn, the Cambridge University Bahá'í Society came back to the garden with other Faith groups involved in an interfaith initiative to help weed, mulch, and plant new seedlings that could take hold in the winter months. 

The students who came enjoyed getting to show off their green thumbs and also doing some hard labour, shifting logs, to help keep the garden's vision going strong. Some of them hope to return on a weekly basis because they enjoyed the garden just that much! The Bahá'ís will continue to lend a hand in this endeavour in upcoming months so that the fruits of unity can truly blossom and grow in Cambridge. Shivani Jain

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