Saturday, 28 February 2015

Gardening jobs for March

Empty Common Garden in late January

Volunteers are still finishing off the polytunnel (pictures to come) and doing all sorts of jobs around the Community Garden. It's quite a green space considering we are still in winter, but spring is not far now. The photo above, taken in late January, shows you how lush a winter garden can still be here in England. We had no snow last year and little snow this year.

Photo: JamesDeMers 

Today is the first of March, which is very exciting for all gardeners, whether you have a plot or a balcony to flex your green thumbs. For those who like blooms, it's time to plant summer bulbs (in the ground or in a pot). A handy tip for a heavy clay soil is to place a bit of sand under each bulb to improve drainage. Other jobs and tasks for March include:

  • Planting lilies, they are generally hardy and can go in now. Other summer bulbs to grow are Homeria, Gladiolus and Dahlia (the latter is best protected from frosts and started in a pot)
  • Planting tomatoes in grow bag if you have a greenhouse or conservatory
  • Cutting your lawn and give it some TLC, identify and repair bare patches
  • Stocking up on slug and snail control products.

Have a good weekend!

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