Saturday, 7 February 2015

Wild garlic - tough like old boots, or should we say wellies?

Wild garlic. Photo: Geograph, Creative Commons
Some of the wild garlic has grown, against all odds,  a couple of inches, even though it was only planted two weeks ago. It's in a shaded area and the ground has been virtually frozen ever since, so you have to admire the power of this humble plant.

Wild garlic in bloom. Photo: Albert Bridge, CC
The foragers among you might be interested in a wild garlic pesto recipe from River Cottage. Simone, who is of Italian origins, has a variant in mind: replace onions/leeks with basil, use extra virgin olive oil, replace walnuts with pine nuts (the traditional ingredient) or cheaper cashew nuts. A red pesto would also be very nice, add a bit of tomato puree or tomato sauce. And if you are a pesto purist, replace food processor with pestle and mortar.

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