Monday, 16 March 2015

More gardening jobs for March: mulching

Mulching with pine needles - pic courtesy of Wikimedia

As the volunteers are still hard at work on the polytunnel here at the Empty Common Garden, many of us might have given their lawn the first cut of the year.

It's also time to mulch the borders. Most people would use compost (own or bought). Mulching helps to suppress weeds and keeps moisture into the soil while forming a barrier for weeds. At the Empty Common Garden we have also used cardboard, which you bury in your veg plot, then plant seeds on top. It helps with weeds and keeps moisture locked in the soil.

Some gardeners use grass clippings. Aside putting a bucketful in the compost bin (not too much as you want a mixture of organic matter), you can use them to mulch. Apparently raspberry canes can do with some mulching at this time of year, so you could build a lawyer around the cut-down stumps using grass clipping. I am sure grass clippings can be used for other tasks. If you have a tip on mulching, please leave a comment!

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