Monday, 11 May 2015

Planting is go, go!

Planting potatoes outdoors

Preparing seedlings for the polytunnel

There are now lots of little plants in the polytunnel that need watering, and seeds and seedlings in the outside beds too, so Charlotte has started a watering rota.

We are also planning to plant beans before they get pot bound. There is a mystery batch in the polytunnel and the 'uncheerful' but delicious Trails of tearsWe are going  to stake the beans with hazel poles, which have been saved for this very job. Mangetout peas will be sown in the polytunnel as they are super delicious to pigeons, slugs and pheasants.

A crop rotation plan has been created, so we know what goes where and when. There are other less 'exciting jobs' than growing such as tidying up bricks, slates and paving slaves that we acquired for future projects and of course weeding - the weeds are growing fast and thick now that it's warmer.

We are recycling plastic bottles to make plant shelters (bells) and yogurt pots to cut into plant labels. We welcome donations of these.

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