Monday, 10 August 2015

Here comes the harvest....

Peter potato planter

Peter potato picker
There is always something to be done at the Community Garden. Watering rotas need organising, bindweed has invaded the wild garlic patch, the shed door's has become stiff... but on the upside, harvesting has started!

There are beans, courgettes, cucumbers and more... Spare produce is placed in the sharing box by the Hobson's conduit, which is busy with walkers, cyclists... It will be a welcome surprise for those passing by in the next few days.

There is a sudden glut of cucumbers, which are right for pickling, has anybody got a favourite recipe for gherkins to share?

We have lots of potatoes. We store them in the wooden shed in a bucket covered with a compost bag to keep them in the dark. The potatoes were planted by Peter and Terence (not pictured), both regular members of the group. No pesticides were used.

Join us to share in our bounty!

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