Monday, 21 September 2015

Birthday marrow, excess produce and a goodbye

Andrew sent us this picture of a birthday stuffed marrow, which looks delicious and no doubt it's full of natural goodness as it grew in our community garden. Andrew cooked the marrow as a surprise for a friend - a tasty alternative to the ubiquitous sponge cake.

Our veggie crop has been plentiful. Veggies were placed in our sharing box by the path and Terence took excess produce to St Paul's church, which provides community meals. 

We would also like express our thanks to Anne, who is leaving Cambridge. She has left us her gardening stuff, including a Complete Gardener's Manual. She emailed to the group: "To all the gardeners I have had the chance to meet, it's been a delight gardening in your company and sharing this adventure with you. I remember when Charlotte had only just drawn up the initial plan and it's fantastic to see the result now. The garden is looking amazing. Long live the Empty Common Community Garden!" We wish her all the best.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Seed collecting and saving

Seed bonanza

Mary, one of our volunteers, emailed this lovely picture in August. She wrote: "I have begun seed saving from our Empty Common Garden and from things I have found in the trash such as this bonus of nigella/ love in a mist that I found yesterday. So far we have a nice collection: nigella, poppy, calendula, foxglove and columbine."

You can find useful information on saving seed online. "Seed can be saved from many trees, shrubs, perennials, aquatic plants, alpines, annuals, biennials, bulbous plants, ornamental grasses vegetables and herbs," states the RHS, which has an informative guide on seed collecting and storing. Click here to read more.