Monday, 5 October 2015

Autumn is here...

A pictorial review of our gardening year
We are still harvesting our crops, but as things are slowing down there are some exciting plans afoot on how to utilise the polytunnel during the winter months. Watch this space!

The Hugelkultur mound was weeded and sowed with phacelia seeds as a winter green manure. We are planning to sow broad beans (Aquadulce Claudia) and onions. Each broad bean needs to be planted inside a one-litre plastic bottle cloche, held in place with a cane as a pheasant ate the tops off them last year. Click here to see a picture of our colourful intruder.

It's also the time of year to do some maintenance. The iron shed needs to be sanded and painted, and the battle of the weeds is still raging on, especially in the forest garden and in the wild garlic patch.

Fungal eruptions

Volunteers planted daffodils by the big tree near our entrance to brighten the area next spring and some new members are going to share their knowledge on how to grow Chinese vegetables. Would you like to see the garden for yourself? Read our very first post and get in touch. We welcome volunteers of all ages and abilities!


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