Thursday, 14 April 2016

April showers are good for us... plus pictures from our members and updates

 Bird box - February 2016
Growing shoots - February 2016
Spring showers are upon us, which is great for the outdoor growing beds. We have many pictures in the blog's backlog, so thank you to all those who sent them... Here are some more photos showing the garden from late winter to spring.... 


Making a bug hotel with salvaged items

Step 1: A bug hotel in a wire basket!

Step 2:fill  basket with pine cones, nuts and sticks to make a cosy home for bugs

Step 3: fill another basket with dried leaves and other garden bits

Step 4: Put the second basket on top of the first one and secure it. Voila!

Springtime... March 2016

Blast from the past

See pictures below to see how far we have come! The first one shows a digger trying to dig a slope so the dumper truck can be hauled back to the surface.

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