Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Photos from the garden: from mid March to early April

Spring has arrived and a touch of summer too judging from last weekend and yesterday... It's raining today but it's good for the garden after several dry and warm days that required daily watering! Below are some photos from March and April, plus updates on what we have been up to in the past few weeks. 

In March we enjoyed crisp lettuces from the polytunnel. More potatoes were planted - some potatoes were chitted in the polytunnel but mice were taking off the new shoots, so we won't be doing this again! Strawberry plants donated by a kind allotment holder were planted, alongside chard, which is ready now in May. Masses of seed sowing has been going on, including a wild flower meadow and we added currant bushes and raspberries to our soft fruit corner. 

Polytunnel lettuce in March

End of March - the flower border around the oak tree is coming to life
In early April we had a few lovely warm days.Strawberries are all planted out now, another bed enlarged, weeded, composted and sown. Netting was put up on certain plants to defend them from pigeons who have been attacking our lovely chard and rocket. 

Strawberry plant with flower

Nets protect tender plants from birds
Beautiful chard re-growth
A cornucopia for wild birds
Our resident artist Rebecca made the lovely cornucopia with willow, which was decorated with wool for nesting birds to forage. 

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