Wednesday, 8 June 2016

It's nearly summer

June has arrived with a mix of weather but right now it's very warm and the watering rota has been re-established after a rainy period. Here is a collection of photos sent by our volunteers. We have a big backlog of pictures, thank you all for contributing.

Our wildlife habitats - Feb 2016
Mary wrote: "We planted the Wildflower seeds received from the UK's GROW WILD project today with sand and ribbons and lots of helping hands. The children put the bee houses together and we hung them in the garden. The packets included common knapweed, cornflower, corn chamomile, corn cockle, corn marigold, corn poppy, hedge bedstraw, meadow buttercup, oxeye daisy, red champion, ribwort plantains and viper's bugloss and yarrow.  Additional mixed seeds of foxglove, nigella, poppy, columbine and other flower seeds donated by members were added for good measure! Let there be flowers and bees!"

April 2016: Planting the Grow Wild seeds
We received seeds and bee house kits from Kew

Gardening for all ages and abilities - you are welcome to join us!

Picnic at Empty Common Garden (April 16)
Our child-friendly tree
Having a chat by the wheelbarrow (April 16)
Who said you cannot garden in style?

The beds are on standby for planting (April 16)

Charlotte wrote: "On Sunday May 8th we hosted a Transition Cambridge event, with me giving a talk on healthy soils. We finished returning the vegetable beds to their original size. The grass was definitely taking over, some are at least a third bigger now - so more room for all our polytunnel seedlings."

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