Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A chilly, variable spring, but we do have a pond now!

Charlotte writes that the frosts have been damaging and our beans were affected. It is unusual to have frosts in late April and early May and we have heard of many allotment people being hit, with growing veggies being killed by the freezing temperatures overnight.

The biggest event last Sunday was the digging of the hole to accommodate the preformed fiberglass pond. John, Hugo and Toby worked really hard. Here are a few pictures so you can appreciate how deep the hole is...

Other volunteers sowed the pictorial meadow seed and planted more brassicas and a bag of potatoes. Lots of weeding was done so the garden is looking great. Volunteers are required to maintain a watering rota, it is quite warm in the polytunnel and it has not rained that much.

The compost toilet is coming together.... Charlotte sent us these photos of the progress.

The fancy rhubarb is flowering, we will have to the tip off to help it put energy into growth. The raspberry path and the new cabbage patch got weeded.

Our wheat is growing well but it looks a little pale to Charlotte, perhaps a cup of compost tea will sort things out.

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