Sunday, 26 October 2014

Marvellous mushrooms

Mushrooms at Empty Common Garden

Charlotte sent me this picture because she thinks these mushroooms look really sweet. I agree. I don't know British mushrooms, the only mushroom I can identify is the Italian porcino mushroom as I used to look for it in Italy with my aunt. 

I have been reading horror stories in the paper recently about foraging enthusiasts being poisoned and even dying! I would really like the BBC to have a programme on mushroom identification. When I was working in the media industry they told me that in this country they don't want to do this kind of programme, nor write articles in mainstream publications because they are afraid people would go off and poison themselves. 

Personally - and I am not talking on behalf of any member of Empty Community Garden - I find this approach typical of a nanny state, I'd rather somebody told me which mushroom is edible and which mushroom is not. More education on mushrooms is needed, not less. 

But let's not rant, here. If you are interested in mushrooms or anything garden related, please leave a comment and air your views. Or submit an article, we welcome guest bloggers.

Next week I will be posting more about the origins of this community garden. If you would like to join us, read the first post, which shows where we are located.

Have a good weekend.

Signed frustrated mushroom fan

P.S. Can I humbly ask any mushroom expert to cast an eye on these mushrooms growing in my garden in Cambridge? Click here to view.

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